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Alternative DnD

These are spellhawk's alternatives that be DnD like and in some cases can use DnD or replace it. Look them through to fulfill your curiousity! Even play as you want to play the game, otherwise feel free to play the game as described. There's Free download of them in the latest of SH's Alternative DnD Roleplay archive, that's on the google drive of the more complete Spellhawk's DnD archives. Updated 10/7/2020.

Arda magic system v3.8; Modified 3/29/2020
Ars magic DnD  4.7; Modified 10/7/2020
Live Ars DnD 4.7; Modified 10/7/2020.
Live DnD 1.5; Modified 9/21/2020.
SHs Post Modern DnD 1.5; Modified 10/7/2020.
Nabbles RTD; Modified 6/27/2011
Nabbles RTD Advanced; Modified 3/27/2017
Newport erth rolls to see; Modified 6/27/2011


 The GM/DM Guide is here and changed or modified on 7/15/2019.

Real Life DnD Alternative

  These are games that are based on DnD and other RPGs and is what life could be like, if DnD and MMORPG were real.

The Alternate Game of Life Updated: 10/7/2019
The Game Of Life Updated: 6/16/2020

Spellhawk's DnD Alternative game conversion

  Finally, if you want to adapt a normal game. Then there's SH's dnd adaption version 3.5, this works with any actual version of DnD and possibly other games.

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